Hilloxy Flooring are specialists in refurbishing industrial floors in factories, warehouse or industrial areas where traffic demands high quality and standards for floors.  The high grade coatings are hard wearing and particularly suitable where heavy machinery comes into contact with the floor.

Specialists in concrete grinding and epoxy painting and repairs, Hilloxy have a wealth of experience for all types of factory or industrial premises.

Repair work can be carried out due to insurance claims and damaged epoxy flooring repainted.  Where safe walkway areas or forklift routes are required, Hilloxy apply industrial grade safety line marking to differentiate safety areas on the factory or warehouse floors. Non-slip, waterproof and coatings resistant to chemicals, acids and petrol products, can also be applied to concrete floors. Insurance companies often favour workplaces where foot traffic areas and forklift traffic routes are clearly differentiated.

Concrete floor car parking zones can also be treated and coated with epoxy paint to give an industrial strength, heavy duty finish to the surface.

Hilloxy can specify an epoxy that is resistant to bacterial penitration. Non-slip and chemical resistant surfaces can also be chosen to specifically address your unique requirements.

The very nature of industrial premises means that down-time on the factory floor must be kept to a minimum.  Bearing that in mind, Hilloxy plan out the works to coincide with times when the day to day work of the client is least impacted.  Night time, weekend, holidays and shut downs are taken advantage of, so that the premises can get back to full production as soon as possible with minimum disruption to work.

The end result is a cleaner, brighter, safer and more durable floor surface.